Posttraumatic stress disorder and breast cancer: Risk factors and the role of inflammation and endocrine function

This study was undertaken to investigate whether and how a breast cancer diagnosis can be a life‐changing and stressful experience that can lead to chronic mental health conditions such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Among survivors of breast cancer, an emerging body of literature has demonstrated several key environmental [...] Click here to view [...]

More breast cancer survivors are forgoing reconstruction and embracing implant-free bodies

A silicone gel breast implant. More breast cancer survivors are embracing the body-positive approach and forgoing implants. Nina Katayama has had "something like a thousand appointments" since a 3-D mammogram revealed an aggressive form of breast cancer that had already spread to her lymph nodes. The 51-year-old Minneapolis woman [...] Click here to view [...]

Supportive care to relieve cancer-related fatigue underutilised by breast cancer survivors

IMAGE: This is Dr. Di Meglio. view more Credit: ESMO Lugano, Switzerland, 22 May 2020 - Cancer-related fatigue is a prevalent and potentially persistent issue among breast cancer survivors, which can prevent them from returning to their previous life well after treatment ends and they are declared free of [...] Click here to view [...]

Women Frequently Encounter Employment, Insurance Issues After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

A majority of women younger than 45 years faced employment and insurance coverage difficulties following treatment for early stage breast cancer, with 35% fearing loss of health insurance coverage if they left their current job during treatment—despite wanting to continue working. What major issues do survivors of breast cancer [...] Click here to view [...]

Half an hour of yoga a day could boost breast cancer survival rate by 70pc

Half an hour of yoga, walking or cycling a day boosts women's chances of surviving the deadliest breast cancers by almost 70 per cent, according to new research. Just 30 minutes of regular physical activity also slashes their risk of a tumour returning by more than half. It applies [...] Click here to view [...]

Simple text reminders do not improve breast cancer hormone therapy adherence

IMAGE: Dawn Hershman, MD, is vice chair of the SWOG Cancer Research Network and director of the Breast Cancer Program at NewYork-Presbyterian and Columbia University Irving Medical Center's Herbert Irving Comprehensive... view more Credit: The Hope Foundation for Cancer Research PORTLAND, OR - Text message reminders are not a [...] Click here to view [...]

How researchers are restoring sensation via implant to breast cancer survivors

Schematic illustration of the concept for a breast reconstructed using an implant. Credit: Lindau and Bensmaia About half of Prof. Stacy Lindau's patients over the last decade have had breast cancer and express new difficulties with sexual function during and after treatment. That's now several hundreds of women. "One [...] Click here to view [...]

Fear of recurrence affects the well-being and relationships of breast cancer patients and their partners

To recur means to take place again. It is a word that can generate positive feelings when used in connection with any number of events, such as a favorite social gathering or regular vacation spot. But when used with the word cancer, it takes on a whole new connotation. [...] Click here to view [...]

Mammography Cuts Risk for Fatal Breast Cancers: New Data

New data from a large Swedish study show that mammography screening for breast cancer reduces the rate of both advanced and fatal breast cancer. Three experts who were approached by Medscape Medical News say this is further evidence that regular screening mammography significantly reduces the risk of dying from [...] Click here to view [...]