What the doctor wants you to know about ginger’s benefits

Zingiber officinale is a spice that you know more commonly as ginger. Research has markedly increased in studying ginger and the various components behind its reported health benefits as an herbal medicine. Over the years, scientific studies have focused on verifying ginger’s pharmacological and physiological actions, with at least [...] Click here to view [...]

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Behavioral Therapy Intervention on Sleep Quality and Cancer-Related Fatigue

Purpose To determine 1-year outcomes of a four-component behavioral therapy (BT) sleep intervention (Individualized Sleep Promotion Plan [ISPP]) versus a healthy eating control (HEC) on cancer related fatigue in women receiving breast cancer adjutant chemotherapy treatment (CTX). Patients and Methods A total of 219 participants from 12 oncology clinics were randomly assigned in a [...]

Influence of taste disorders on dietary behaviors in cancer patients under chemotherapy

Objectives To determine the relationship between energy and nutrient consumption with chemosensory changes in cancer patients under chemotherapy. Methods We carried out a cross-sectional study, enrolling 60 subjects. Cases were defined as patients with cancer diagnosis after their second chemotherapy cycle (n = 30), and controls were subjects without cancer (n = 30). Subjective [...]

Honey in Reducing Pain Due to Radiation Induced Mucositis in Head and Neck Cancer Patients

There are various drugs tried for relieving pain associated with radiation-induced mucositis. This paper aims to study role of honey in relieving pain due to radiation induced mucositis in head and neck cancer patients receiving concomitant chemoradiation. Materials and Methods: A randomized controlled trial on 78 subjects (40 in test group and 38 in [...]

Lung Cancer, natural supplements and alternative ways to have healthy pulmonary function

Probiotics The physiology and pathology of the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts are closely related. This similarity between the two organs may underlie why dysfunction in one organ may induce illness in the other. For example, smoking is a major risk factor for COPD and IBD and increases the risk of developing Crohn's disease. Probiotics [...]

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Naturopathy patients reported improvement for anxiety, hot flashes , menstrual changes and vaginal dryness about as frequently as patients who were treated conventionally

Although the use of alternative medicine in the United States is increasing, no published studies have documented the effectiveness of naturopathy for treatment of menopausal symptoms compared to women receiving conventional therapy in the clinical setting. Objective: To compare naturopathic therapy with conventional medical therapy for treatment of selected menopausal symptoms. Design: A retrospective [...]

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Identifying and Treating Magnesium Deficiency in Cancer Patients Receiving Platinum-based Chemotherapy

In this article, we review the prevalence of magnesium (Mg) deficiency in patients undergoing platinum-based chemotherapy (PBC), summarize research on IV and oral Mg in supportive care, discuss the role of Mg in carcinogenesis, explore different forms of oral Mg, investigate current best evidence on the effect of Mg on survivorship, and review ways [...]

2019-03-17T12:02:31-04:00February 2nd, 2016|Cancer, Chemotherapy, Dietary|0 Comments

Effect of Ginger on Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and/or Vomiting in Cancer Patients

The present study was conducted to investigate the effects of ginger on chemotherapy-induced nausea and/or vomiting. Design: The study was carried out on cancer patients receiving chemotherapcutic agents in the haematology clinic of a training hospital between March 01, 2011 and July 29, 2011. Subjects: The study group was composed of intervention (n=15) and [...]

2019-03-17T13:53:43-04:00February 1st, 2016|Cancer, Chemotherapy, Dietary, Gastrointestinal|0 Comments
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