Vitamin D Could Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Breast cancer is a serious health concern in the United States since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 41,000 women and 460 men die of breast cancer every year. Most of the time, about 75 percent to 90 percent of cases of breast cancer are [...] Click here to view [...]

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Healthy Living: Is soy a healthy choice where cancer is concerned?

Nutrition experts have placed soy products such as the ones shown above into a neutral category, meaning they don't seem to cause or prevent cancer. When choosing foods for a balanced diet, some healthy choices are easier to identify than others. Fruits and veggies may have a clear edge [...] Click here to view [...]

Malnutrition common among older patients with cancer

Hospitalized older patients with cancer demonstrated higher risk for malnutrition compared with their younger counterparts, according to results of a prospective Brazilian study published in Cancer . Nutritional screening and assessments should be conducted immediately after hospitalization to allow for prompt diagnosis and interventions, researchers noted. “With these findings, [...] Click here to view [...]

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Six common cancer myths debunked

A plethora of cancer information exists online but not all of it is factual PA Images/Sipa USA Numerous myths about cancer exist, fueled by misinformation shared on social media and elsewhere on the internet. Above, radiographers in the United Kingdom help a prostate cancer patient after treatment using a [...] Click here to view [...]

Fight cancer with food and healthy habits

Salmon and other fatty fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that help decrease inflammation and may lower your risk of heart disease and certain cancers, including breast and prostate cancer. Broccoli and other dark green vegetables offer carotenoids, folate and vitamin C. Carotenoids may be powerful weapons against [...] Click here to view [...]

Red Meat Study Caused a Stir – Here’s What Wasn’t Discussed

Image via Shutterstock Accurate, consistent dietary advice seems increasingly hard to find. For instance, a widely reported study recently claimed that people don’t need to reduce their consumption of red and processed meat for health reasons. The report sharply divided scientific opinion , with some experts praising it as [...] Click here to view [...]

Health column: Breast cancer and nutrition

Rhiana Menen, M.D. Submitted Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women and 1 in 880 men. While there are many non-modifiable cancer risks, lifestyle influences are increasingly recognized as major contributors to the risk and recurrence of breast cancer. As of 2019, approximately 30% of Americans are considered obese. [...] Click here to view [...]

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Stomach cancer symptoms: The painful sign to look out for

STOMACH cancer symptoms are often confused with less serious conditions. It is therefore imperative to know the warning signs and get them checked out by a GP as soon as possible. One painful symptom could signify the deadly condition. Stomach cancer: Eight risk factors Stomach cancer symptoms: Five signs [...] Click here to view [...]

The Cancer-Obesity Time Bomb

Credit: Celia Krampien Most of us recognize that obesity is not a benign condition. Diabetes, arthritis, plus heart, liver and gallbladder diseases commonly plague folks who carry major excess poundage. Less familiar is the risk of cancer. Being overweight or obese has been linked to at least 13 types [...] Click here to view [...]

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