Targeting Cancer: Upcoming classes to teach stress reduction and immunity boosting

Diane Butera was the picture of health 10 years ago. She was a yoga instructor who felt stronger than she had in a long time. So, when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, it was a shock. “It felt like I was having an out-of-body experience because it was [...] Click here to view [...]

Cancer patients fight back with food

ELLSWORTH — If there’s a silver lining to undergoing chemo or radiation treatment it might be this: milkshakes are encouraged. “We try to get as much calories and protein per swallow, basically, as we can get into people,” said Donna Walsh, an oncology nutrition specialist who works at the [...] Click here to view [...]

Consuming Antioxidants Through Dietary Intake Beneficial for Patients with Childhood ALL

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia In a study of children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology , researchers found that the consumption of antioxidants through dietary intake was correlated with reduced rates of infection or mucositis, with no increased risk of relapse or reduced survival. [...] Click here to view [...]

Remote Coaching Can Help Breast Cancer Survivors Achieve Healthy Weight Loss

Credit: iStock A telephone-coaching and web-based weight loss plan referred to by scientists as the “POWER-remote intervention” and delivered to overweight and obese breast cancer survivors helped half of them lose 5% or more of their body weight after six months — and to keep it off for 12 [...] Click here to view [...]

These popular drinks have been proven to reduce cancer risk

Every day, many people roll out of bed with little else on their minds besides that first cup of joe, especially physicians working long shifts that require their full concentration. In fact, humans consume more than 2 billion cups of coffee every day, making coffee one of the most [...] Click here to view [...]

Add to the Many Health Benefits of Fiber: “Reduces Breast Cancer Risk”

In all the recent health news, it's like we forgot all about the things that used to keep us up at night: Breast cancer, and other slow and silent scourges that one had our full attention. But unfortunately, or perhaps, fortunately, what will keep us healthy now, today, will [...] Click here to view [...]

HEALTH NOTE: Nutrition and cancer

Often a cancer diagnosis and corresponding treatment can affect your diet. Certain foods just may not be that appealing anymore, or you may have no appetite to eat at all. During this difficult time, it is essential to maintain proper nutrition before, during and after cancer treatment in order [...] Click here to view [...]

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Sharp Climb in Weight Gain After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Kristin Jenkins Significant weight gain after a diagnosis of breast cancer may be a bigger problem than previously thought, and clinicians need to do more to help patients manage it, say the authors of a national survey conducted in Australia. "We found that two-thirds of our respondents were currently [...] Click here to view [...]

New cancer treatment center in Riverhead brings all aspects of care under one roof

The new facility opened in January. (Credit: Mahreen Khan) Riverhead’s New York Cancer & Blood Specialists Center has relocated and reopened in a larger, more patient-focused facility on Old Country Road, just a few blocks from its former home. The newly constructed building is roughly four times bigger than [...] Click here to view [...]