When people lose their hair to cancer, they lose their ‘security blanket’

Confined to a hospital room, 15-year-old Vinesha Ramasamy’s body was responding to her first round of chemotherapy. The Ontario teen had recently been diagnosed with bone cancer and the treatment had made her so sick that she hadn’t left her reclining bed in nearly a month. Her hair, once [...] Click here to view [...]

Mindfulness May Be Balm for Breast Cancer Patients

HealthDay Reporter advanced breast cancer might find mindfulness can ease their pain, anxiety and depression , a new study suggests. Mindfulness is the ability to keep your mind focused on the present moment. "Mindfulness helps us relate to our thoughts, emotions and physical symptoms in a different way," said [...] Click here to view [...]

Cancer affects more than just your health

1 in 4 South Africans will be affected by cancer. Despite how widespread cancer is, a diagnosis always comes as a shock. When you have a family to think about, it brings up a lot of questions. How will it affect them? How will it change you? How much [...] Click here to view [...]

Psychological impact of cancer can be ‘devastating’, says Vicky Phelan

Vicky Phelan: ‘I am still here and I am still looking for change,’ she told the Psychological Society of Ireland’s annual conference. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw for The Irish Times The psychological impact of accidents or cancer is traumatising, but there is little psychological support for the person involved and [...] Click here to view [...]

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How Does Irregular, Disrupted Sleep Affect Cancer Risk?

Source: Deposit Photos While the research about cancer risk and sleep duration is mixed, the scientific links between poor quality sleep and variable sleep schedules are more clear. Restless, fragmented sleep and irregular sleep patterns have both been linked to elevated cancer risk, in a body of research that [...] Click here to view [...]

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What Happens When Breast Cancer Affects Your Sex Life?

When it comes to breast cancer, there’s no shortage of information on the web about the medical aspects of this disease, like how to prevent and treat it. But how many are talking about breast cancer’s effects on relationships and intimacy? The answer is far too few. During a [...] Click here to view [...]

Personality Disorders in Patients with Cancer

Volume: 33 Issue: 10 Cancer , Cancer , Oncology Journal , Personality Disorders TABLE 1: Personality Disorders: Diagnostic Features, Typical Interactions with Staff, and Potentially Helpful Interventions ABSTRACT: Personality disorders exist on a spectrum in the general population and therefore may coexist in patients who have cancer. Patients with [...] Click here to view [...]

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Beating breast cancer doesn’t mean the fight is over

Dr. Ian Qureshi As most of you know, this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a month where we (including NFL players) wear pink and devote time to making people aware that breast cancer is a leading cause of cancer death in America and is one of the most [...] Click here to view [...]

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Tumors alone may be linked to cancer patients’ cognitive problems

Circadian rhythm is also referred to as the sleep-wake cycle. New research suggests that both tumors and chemotherapy could be linked to the cognitive problems experienced by cancer patients because each affects the circadian clock, throwing off cellular processes related to behavior and memory. Scientists found that mice with [...] Click here to view [...]