Simple text reminders do not improve breast cancer hormone therapy adherence

IMAGE: Dawn Hershman, MD, is vice chair of the SWOG Cancer Research Network and director of the Breast Cancer Program at NewYork-Presbyterian and Columbia University Irving Medical Center's Herbert Irving Comprehensive... view more Credit: The Hope Foundation for Cancer Research PORTLAND, OR - Text message reminders are not a [...] Click here to view [...]

How researchers are restoring sensation via implant to breast cancer survivors

Schematic illustration of the concept for a breast reconstructed using an implant. Credit: Lindau and Bensmaia About half of Prof. Stacy Lindau's patients over the last decade have had breast cancer and express new difficulties with sexual function during and after treatment. That's now several hundreds of women. "One [...] Click here to view [...]

Video boon for chemo patients

NHS nurse director Kerry Fisher and clinical nurse manager Claire O'Dea with the new telehealth system. Low-risk chemotherapy has just got more efficient for local patients, with innovative telehealth technology now available at the Narrogin Health Service. TeleChemotherapy is a model of care that enables some cancer patients to [...] Click here to view [...]

Disney Movies May Improve Quality of Life in Women with Gynecologic Cancer on Chemotherapy

Women with gynecologic cancers may find themselves in a whole new world of improved quality of life by tuning into Disney movies, according to a study. “Cancer and its treatment with chemotherapy can be physically and psychologically demanding for patients. Notably, among the major worries of women with gynecologic [...] Click here to view [...]

Cancer patients fight back with food

ELLSWORTH — If there’s a silver lining to undergoing chemo or radiation treatment it might be this: milkshakes are encouraged. “We try to get as much calories and protein per swallow, basically, as we can get into people,” said Donna Walsh, an oncology nutrition specialist who works at the [...] Click here to view [...]

Chronic stress can influence the efficacy of radiation therapy, study suggests

Radiation is one of the oldest and most common therapies for cancer, and typically is delivered locally, or to specific targeted sites in the body. While it has long been thought that locally-delivered radiation therapy typically does not help to shrink tumors outside the field of irradiation, new preclinical [...] Click here to view [...]

What does delaying cancer surgery mean for patients?

It is expected that the United States would experience around 60,000 deaths from the COVID-19 pandemic. As the country braces for its worst week, the capacity of the health system is already strained . While taking care of COVID-19 patients is a priority, there is another group of patients [...] Click here to view [...]

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Association between shoulder range of motion and pain catastrophizing scale in breast cancer patients after surgery

Researchers examined the link of pain catastrophizing with shoulder pain in patients with decreased shoulder range of motion in the postoperative period. Among 53 patients who underwent surgery due to breast cancer, the group with limited shoulder range of motion exhibited the median pain catastrophizing scale value of 27 [...] Click here to view [...]

Researchers explore cognitive effects of hormone therapy for prostate cancer

Charles Ryan Androgen suppression therapy for prostate cancer, although effective, is associated with a host of systemic adverse effects. Researchers at the University of Minnesota are evaluating the effect of hormone therapy on cognitive function and also looking into how physical activity can help. Charles Ryan, MD, professor of [...] Click here to view [...]