Cancer patients fight back with food

ELLSWORTH — If there’s a silver lining to undergoing chemo or radiation treatment it might be this: milkshakes are encouraged. “We try to get as much calories and protein per swallow, basically, as we can get into people,” said Donna Walsh, an oncology nutrition specialist who works at the [...] Click here to view [...]

Chronic stress can influence the efficacy of radiation therapy, study suggests

Radiation is one of the oldest and most common therapies for cancer, and typically is delivered locally, or to specific targeted sites in the body. While it has long been thought that locally-delivered radiation therapy typically does not help to shrink tumors outside the field of irradiation, new preclinical [...] Click here to view [...]

New cancer treatment center in Riverhead brings all aspects of care under one roof

The new facility opened in January. (Credit: Mahreen Khan) Riverhead’s New York Cancer & Blood Specialists Center has relocated and reopened in a larger, more patient-focused facility on Old Country Road, just a few blocks from its former home. The newly constructed building is roughly four times bigger than [...] Click here to view [...]

Program offers a roadmap for helping cancer patients overcome malnutrition

Malnutrition is one of the most common – and serious – complications of cancer and its treatments, with up to 80% of cancer patients ending up malnourished. This can be caused by things like cancers that interfere with eating and/or digestion and by treatment side effects like mouth sores, [...] Click here to view [...]

My Cancer Treatment Has Made Erections Difficult. This Is How I Still Have Sex

Illustration by Cathryn Virginia In January 2019, a doctor diagnosed Dave* with aggressive prostate cancer. The news hit him and his wife of 37 years, Grace,* hard not just because of the struggles of navigating any form of cancer, but because of the serious negative effects this cancer and [...] Click here to view [...]

What to expect after a breast cancer diagnosis, including breast cancer stages and treatments

If you, or someone you know, has received a breast cancer diagnosis, it's likely you feel incredibly overwhelmed and have lots of questions about what happens next. It’s important to remember the resources which are available to support you through your breast cancer diagnosis and cancer treatment, including your [...] Click here to view [...]

Higher Risk of Shingles Seen in Patients With Certain Cancers

This story was originally published on Dec. 14, 2018. As part of MedPage Today's review of the past year's top stories, we are republishing it along with an update on herpes zoster research appearing in 2019. Patients with certain types of cancer had a higher risk of developing shingles [...] Click here to view [...]

5 ways to cope with cancer during the holidays

For people who have cancer, have a family member with cancer, or have lost a loved one to cancer, the holidays can be a tough time to endure. The season is often portrayed as a joyous time full of love and celebration. But how can someone celebrate if they [...] Click here to view [...]

Study: Healthy diet may avert nutritional problems in head, neck cancer patients

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — At least 90% of head and neck cancer patients develop symptoms that affect their ability or desire to eat, because of either the tumor itself or the surgery or radiation used to treat it. These problems, called nutrition impact symptoms, have wide-ranging negative effects on patients’ [...] Click here to view [...]