Assessment of psychological distress among cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy in Saudi Arabia

Accepted for publication 13 June 2019 Published 20 August 2019 Volume 2019:12 Pages 691—700 Checked for plagiarism Yes Peer reviewer comments 3 Turky H Almigbal, 1 Khalid M Almutairi, 2 Jack B Fu, 3 Jason M Vinluan, 2 Eyad Alhelih, 4 Wadi B Alonazi, 5 Mohammed Ali Batais, 1 [...] Click here to view [...]

Better approach to treat cancer

A cancer diagnosis would once push patients into a state of deep despair and anxiety. Patients used to approach the diagnosis with a fatalistic attitude and were apprehensive of the treatment. The surgical treatment was considered to be mutilating and radiation used to lead to complications and a quality [...] Click here to view [...]

A vegan diet may help boost cancer treatments, study finds

iStockphoto Going vegan may halt cancer in its tracks, scientists say. It could also make chemotherapy and radiotherapy more effective, according to their tests on mice and people. The findings were published in Nature. The researchers focused on restricting the amino acid methionine, which affects metabolism and is found [...] Click here to view [...]

2019-08-06T11:27:50-04:00August 6th, 2019|Cancer, Chemotherapy, Dietary, Radiotherapy|0 Comments

Exercise and cancer

Can athletics help beat cancer? John Shepherd meets exercise physiologist Tom Cowan to find out Aged 49, Jason Carty (pictured) came back from the World Masters Indoor Championships in Torun with a gold in the M45 60m in a British record of 7.01. He ran a PB to show [...] Click here to view [...]

Your Cancer Answers: How can diet control my blood sugar levels?

We often hear that sugar is the bad guy. Carbohydrates in foods do turn into sugar in our blood, but this is not a terrible thing! The sugar in our bloodstream is used to provide our body’s cells with energy. When blood sugar levels remain in a normal range, [...] Click here to view [...]

Survivors of breast cancer face increased risk of heart disease

Thanks to advanced medical treatments, women diagnosed with breast cancer today will likely survive the disease. However, some treatment options put these women at greater risk for a number of other health problems. A new study out of Brazil shows that postmenopausal women with breast cancer are at greater [...] Click here to view [...]

Clinical Challenges: Lymphedema in Breast Cancer

Breast cancer-related lymphedema remains an ongoing challenge. "We know there are certain risk factors for lymphedema," said Vered Stearns, MD , co-director of the Breast and Ovarian Cancer Program at the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins. "Patients who either have a lymph node dissection in the [...] Click here to view [...]

Many cancer patients take alternative meds but don’t tell their doctors

(HealthDay)—One out of every three U.S. cancer patients uses alternative or complementary therapies, but many keep that info from their doctors, a new study finds. That's a real concern, the study's lead author said, especially when it comes to supplements and cancer radiation therapy. "You don't know what's in [...] Click here to view [...]

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Chinese Researchers Reveal Mechanism of Chronic Stress Promoting Breast Cancer Development

Nano technology offers hope for better cancer testing. Pixabay Chinese researchers have revealed the mechanism of how chronic stress promotes breast cancer development, shedding light on future clinical treatment for cancer. Cancer patients often suffer negative emotions such as anxiety, despair and fear, which are risk factors facilitating tumour [...] Click here to view [...]

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