Lymphedema Risk: Exercise Versus Deconditioning for Breast Cancer Survivors

Lymphedema, a common and feared negative effect of breast cancer treatment, is generally described by arm swelling and dysfunction. Risk averse clinical recommendations guided survivors to avoid use of the affected arm. This may lead to deconditioning and, ironically, the very outcome women seek to avoid. Recently published studies run counter to these guidelines. [...]

Obesity is an established risk factor not only for breast-cancer related lymphedema but also for breast cancer occurrence, recurrence, and fatality

Each year, about 1.38 million women worldwide are diagnosed with breast cancer. Advances in treatment have facilitated a 90% five-year survival rate among those treated. Given the increased rate and length of survival following breast cancer, more and more survivors are facing life-time risk of developing late effects of cancer treatment that negatively impact [...]

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Physical activity benefits cancer patients

The number of breast cancer patients is continuously increasing in the western world. The number of cured patients is also increasing and those with chronic disease, even if not cured, survive longer [1,2]. Surgery and radiotherapy treatments have developed during the past decades causing less damage to the structures [3]. Still patients are left [...]

Acupuncture treatment was associated with improvements in range of movement

To evaluate the effect of acupuncture on rehabilitation of motor junction, induction in lymphoedema and improvement in perceived heaviness and tightness in the arms of women Abstract Objective To evaluate the effect of acupuncture on rehabilitation of motor junction,reduction in lymphoedema and improvement in perceived heaviness and tightness in the arms of women who [...]

Improvements in the quality of life of cancer patients with unilateral lymphoedema after complex decongestive physiotherapy

There is increasing interest in the health-related quality of life (QOL) of patients with chronic lymphoedema. The purpose of the present study was to ascertain whether or not complex decongestive physiotherapy (CDP) for 57 gynecological cancer patients with unilateral lymphedema results in a measurable change in the oedema and QOL, and % excess volume [...]

Volume of lymphedema was found to decrease significantly under intensive decongestive physiotherapy

Treatment of lymphedema is based on intensive decongestive physiotherapy followed by a long-term maintenance treatment. We analyzed the factors influencing lymphedema volume during maintenance treatment. Method Prospective cohort of 537 patients with secondary arm lymphedema were recruited in a single lymphology unit and followed for 12 months. Lymphedema volume was recorded prior to and [...]

The aqua lymphatic therapy had immediate, positive, significant influence on the volume of the affected arm

Lymphedema is an adverse effect of breast cancer surgery. Aqua lymphatic therapy (ALT) is a novel treatment for limb volume reduction. Objective The aim of this study was to examine whether ALT is a safe method and whether there are differences in adherence, limb volume, and quality of life between women who perform only [...]

Acupuncture is an acceptable intervention in women with upper limb lymphoedema after breast cancer treatment

To determine the feasibility, acceptability and safety of using acupuncture to treat arm lymphoedema in women following treatment for breast cancer. Methods We conducted a randomised controlled trial of acupuncture compared with treatment as usual. Twenty women with stable unilateral intransient lymphoedema present for at least 6 months were recruited from Sydney, Australia. The [...]

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Significant reduction of total arm volume as well as both absolute and relative lymphedema volume, implying that pole walking can be included in arm lymphedema treatment programs

The benefit of exercise for breast cancer-treated women is well documented. However, studies of cardiovascular fitness training for women with breast cancer-related arm lymphedema are rare. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of intensive pole walking on arm lymphedema in women treated for breast cancer. Thirty-five women with unilateral lymphedema [...]

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