A personal care plan identifies the side effects that you may be experiencing now or some during post treatment.  These side effects may come and go at any time. We feel it is important to inform you of these possible side effects and then help you to locate the appropriate health professional to help you manage them. 

Your personal care plan is confidential. We will not keep a copy of your document. We will email you a copy of your Care Plan for your reference so that you can contact the various health professionals when you feel ready to do so.  We will not contact you by phone, e-mail or any other means after e-mailing you your Care Plan.

The next step in designing your personal care plan is to create your own login.  The login is your name and email address.  We required your email address so that you can receive your care plan.

We will treat your privacy as if it was our own. We will never share your contact details with others. 

Click here to create your login and start building your personal care plan.