Vitamin D and colorectal cancer survival

Yale Cancer Center Director Charles Fuchs, MD, MPH, discusses new research on vitamin D supplements for people undergoing chemotherapy for colorectal cancer. Credit: Robert A. Lisak Vitamin D, the "sunshine vitamin," may be helpful for people diagnosed with colon cancer, says Charles Fuchs, MD, MPH, director of Yale Cancer [...] Click here to view [...]

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Studies find not-so-sweet links between popular sweetener, cancer and diabetes

Almost forty percent of Americans were obese in 2016, up from 33.7 percent in 2008. Clearly, we as a nation are not getting the message: being overweight can kill you. Diabetes, stroke, heart disease and arthritis are direct results of carrying too much weight. The makers of artificial sweeteners [...] Click here to view [...]

Health: Study shows spicy compound from chili peppers found to slow lung cancer progression

Hospital Medical A recent study showed that a compound responsible for chili peppers’ heat could help slow the spread of lung cancer, making it a potential treatment for lung cancer. A researcher from Marshall University presented the results on last month at the American Society for Investigative Pathology annual [...] Click here to view [...]

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Why dietary advice is a critical part of cancer care

Patients who lose weight have lower survival rates yet very few are given nutritional information and support Director of the Irish Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism Niamh Rice presents the results of the first Irish study of the nutritional needs of Irish cancer patients. Cancer patients who lose [...] Click here to view [...]

Keeping fit found to cut risk of cancer by more than 75%

Fitness tests could help to identify people at risk of cancer, a major study suggests Keeping fit protects against getting cancer and dying from it, the largest study of its kind has concluded. The fittest people more than halved their risk of bowel or lung cancer and cut their [...] Click here to view [...]

The disturbing links between too much weight and several types of cancer

This image shows pancreatic cancer cells (nuclei in blue) growing as a sphere encased in membranes (red). By growing cancer cells in the lab, researchers can study factors that promote and prevent the formation of deadly tumors. (Min Yu/(Eli and Edythe Broad Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell [...] Click here to view [...]

Why Does Exercise Guard Against Cancer? Inflammation May Play a Role

Illustration by Celia Jacobs One of the most important benefits of exercise is in how it reduces our risk of developing a number of types of cancer — especially colorectal cancer, which according to some estimates is the malignancy most influenced by physical activity. But how workouts guard against [...] Click here to view [...]

Chilli compound slows lung cancer progression: Study

NEW YORK: Besides spicing up your food, chilli, it seems, also has some medicinal value. New research suggests the compound responsible for chilli’s heat could help slow the spread of lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer death for both men and women. Most cancer-related deaths occur when cancer [...] Click here to view [...]

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Honey in Reducing Pain Due to Radiation Induced Mucositis in Head and Neck Cancer Patients

There are various drugs tried for relieving pain associated with radiation-induced mucositis. This paper aims to study role of honey in relieving pain due to radiation induced mucositis in head and neck cancer patients receiving concomitant chemoradiation. Materials and Methods: A randomized controlled trial on 78 subjects (40 in test group and 38 in [...]