How yoga has helped this Bellville breast cancer survivor

Mindy Wood, of Bellville, will teach yoga4cancer classes at the new Oui Integrated Wellness and Yoga Cooperative at the Richland Mall starting Sept. 18 and 19. BELLVILLE — Yoga is touted as one of the best forms of physical activity, with numerous health benefits. Mindy Wood, of Bellville, had [...] Click here to view [...]

Should You Use Medical Marijuana, AKA Medical Cannabis, if You Have Cancer?

Few oncologists feel qualified to prescribe medical marijuana. Vincent Maida, MD, wants to be clear: He's not some "hippie pothead." But about 20 years ago, the Toronto-based palliative care physician realized that cannabis was worth taking seriously. At the time, cannabis — also known as marijuana — was not [...] Click here to view [...]

Exercise is good medicine for advanced colon cancer

Physical activity was associated with slower cancer progression and reductions in severe treatment side effects in more than 1,200 patients undergoing chemotherapy for advanced colon cancer. (Getty Images) Waging a successful battle against advanced colon cancer should include regular doses of exercise, a new study suggests. It found that [...] Click here to view [...]

Free Fitness Program for Cancer Patients Launches in Fort Worth

Free Fitness Program for Cancer Patients Launches in FW FitSteps for Life is now offered at the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth and it's free for cancer patients. (Published 5 hours ago) A cancer diagnosis can turn a patient's world upside down, but a [...] Click here to view [...]

Better approach to treat cancer

A cancer diagnosis would once push patients into a state of deep despair and anxiety. Patients used to approach the diagnosis with a fatalistic attitude and were apprehensive of the treatment. The surgical treatment was considered to be mutilating and radiation used to lead to complications and a quality [...] Click here to view [...]

Your Cancer Answers: How can I benefit from an oncology social worker?

Question: How can I benefit from an oncology scial worker during or after my cancer treatment? When a person is diagnosed with cancer, everyone’s main focus is always the physical health of the person and rightly so, but people should never neglect the emotional issues associated with cancer. Oncology [...] Click here to view [...]

Can Physical Activity Delay Progression in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer?

Colorectal Cancer Increased physical activity did not appear to be related to overall survival among patients diagnosed with metastatic colorectal cancer, according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology . However, the study did find physical activity had an effect on progression-free survival and risk for [...] Click here to view [...]

Nordic walking may benefit breast cancer patients

(Reuters Health) - Nordic walking, an aerobic activity performed with walking poles similar to ski poles, may benefit patients with breast cancer, according to a review of existing research. The low-impact exercise improved swelling, physical fitness, disability and quality of life, the study authors conclude in the European Journal [...] Click here to view [...]

Is It Safe for Patients to Exercise During Treatment for Cancer?

News , Cancer Management , Oncology Gabriele “Gabe” Grunewald was diagnosed with cancer in 2009 at the age of 22. The next day, the professional runner beat her own record in the 1,500 meters race. Triathlete Sindy Hooper was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2013. She went on to [...] Click here to view [...]