Cancer Leads Athlete To Tough Choice

BrittLee Bowman competes during a recent cyclecross race. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and faced a decision on how to treat it. BrittLee Bowman had a huge decision to make as she lined up at an elite cyclocross race. Cyclocross is a sport that throws obstacles at you, [...] Click here to view [...]

Caring for Yourself During Chemotherapy: How to Manage Dry Skin & Brittle Nails

Chemotherapy can be effective treatment for cancer but may also cause physical side effects that may be uncomfortable and affect your appearance. These side effects, however, are manageable. Both chemotherapy and radiation therapy can cause dry skin. Management of dry skin includes using moisturizer, avoiding things that make the [...] Click here to view [...]

Cancer Patients’ and Occupational Therapy

The aims of the study were to identify cancer patients’ need for occupational therapy by (a) describing their and their physicians’ perceptions of the former’s needs (b) exploring whether patients and physicians agree on the patient’s need for occupational therapy, and (c) identifying the factors related to the physicians’ and the patients’ perceptions of [...]

What is the difference between Pilates and Yoga breathing?

What is the difference between Pilates and Yoga breathing? By Naomi Aaronson and Ann Marie Turo As an Occupational Therapist, many patients come to me who are in pain and are suffering from a variety of issues including breast cancer, repetitive stress injuries, musculoskeletal problems, and back pain. I use both Yoga and Pilates in [...]

Axillary Web Syndrome, A Complication of Breast Cancer: What the Orthopaedic Physical Therapist Needs to Know

Background & Purpose: One particular group of people accessing physical therapy services, and whose numbers are steadily increasing, are breast cancer survivors. Axillary web syndrome (AWS) is one complication of breast cancer treatment that can be easily misdiagnosed without an understanding of breast cancer treatment and its effects on the musculoskeletal and lymphatic systems. [...]

Hatha Yoga for Patients With Cancer

Yoga has been practiced for more than 5,000 years and is based on the collective experiences of yoga practitioners over time. Western countries and sophisticated medical facilities use this practice as a complementary therapy with standard medical treatments. Yoga has been shown to improve quality of life. Several types of yoga potentially can benefit [...]

Low-level laser therapy on scar tissue

Abstract Background: Physiotherapy has a very important role in the maintenance of the integtimentary system integrity. There is very few evidence in humans. Nevertheless, there are some studies about tissue regeneration using low-level laser therapy (LLLT). Aitn: To analyze the effectiveness of LLLT on scar tissue. Methods: Seventeen volunteers were stratified by age of [...]

Shoulder exercises while undergoing radiotherapy for breast cancer

To investigate the effect of shoulder exercises during radiotherapy in relation to prevention of locoregional physical complications: limitation of range of motion (ROM) and functional capacity, arm circumference and scar tissue adhesion. Methods: Sixty-six women without shoulder ROM impairment following breast cancer surgery that included complete axillary dissection were allocated to one of two [...]

Current rehabilitation processes do not prevent long-term impairments after treatment for breast cancer in Australia

Current rehabilitation processes do not prevent long-term impairments after treatment for breast cancer in Australia Authors: Elizabeth S Dylke, Sharon Kilbreath 2015 Reviewed by: Denise Stewart The aim of the study was to determine if and how advice regarding physical rehabilitation (arm-specific and general exercise) was provided after treatment for breast cancer, as well [...]

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